Chairs & Committee Members

Thank you to our volunteers for sharing their time, talent, and expertise with The Taste of Fort Mill. These volunteers are making a difference in our community through their dedication and continued support of The Palmetto School at the Children’s Attention Home. Their ideas, team work, and enthusiasm creates the spark that ignites the most tasteful party of the year!

Dr. Hugh Wilson

Executive Director & Principal, The Palmetto School

Maureen Paterson

2018 Event Chair

Cindy Kelly

Event Founder
2018 Marketing Chair

Adam Schorr

2018 Sponsorship Chair

Christi DeWaele

2018 Restaurant Chair

Pat Nathanson

Deb Kuczynski

2018 Acquisition Chairs

Debs Feldmann

2018 Decorating Chair

Vicki Trapp

2018 Hospitality Chair

Dave Malpiedi

2018 Logistics Chair

Committee Members


Karin Flemming

Scott Johnson

Cindy Kelly

Maureen Paterson


Terry Alfero

Dennis Getter

Bo London

Diane Maguire

Adam Schorr

Anna Schorr

Bob Weiner


Christi DeWaele

Ashleigh Finley

Amy Wiethoff


Jill Bandel

Pamela Caywood

Ann Feldmann

Cindy Fox

Deb Kuczynski

Trish Mantooth

Pat Nathanson


Debs Feldmann

Debbie Getter

Bette Leogrande

Nancy Ryan


Marsha Allemong

Kathy Arthur

Sue Bauer

Mary Ann Bice

Elaine Bilton

Susan Clements

Vicki & Dan Freeman

Jan Fulkerson

Cheryl Holt

Christine Langevin

Susan Malette

Lori Malpiedi

Traci Prieto

Phillip Stevens

Vicki Trapp

Kathy Wilde

Mahagony Rose


Rennie Funderburk

Ron Hoffman

Dave Malpiedi

Alan Miller

Steve Rowe

Junior Civitans – Nation Ford High School

Work for a cause, not for applause.

Live life to express, not to impress.